The session opened with a freshly reincarnated Jorin walking down the street and enjoying having working eyeballs. Upon using his peepers to spy a cunningly disguised Newt being bullied by a strange tiny thing, Jorin found the ex-Arcanum professor Vincent Mango, a kobold who needed a job. Taking him back to the new Stormguard hideout, Jorin gave the good Professor Mango a thorough interview with plenty of background checking and vetting. Not long after a crazy lady cat named Marwyn and big green man named Valter politely knocked on the door of a lower-class drinking establishment and inquired about joining the Stormguard to stick it to the man, the man being Tarkus.

Not long after the entrance of Valter and Marwyn, a mysterious golem casually strolled through the walls of the bar, followed by a larger stone golem that decided to stop in and beat the shit out of everybody. After destroying the golem, and the mini golems that formed from it, and the mini golems that formed from them, the party sans-Newt decided to follow the tracks of the first golem. 

The party found the golem under a pile of shoes in the back of a cobbler’s shop. Marwyn managed to communicate with it through strategic finger-waggling, and the party decided to spirit it away to a safe location. Taking him to an abandoned cistern in Flooding to dodge potential Bluecloak heat, the newly christened BARNACLE GANG got the down-low on the creator of the golem, henceforth known as Cliff. Cliff was created by an ex-Arcanum student known as Fix the kenku, who was kicked out for creating a golem made of meat. The big golem was sent to retrieve Cliff after it decided that slavery is not cool. The gang takes Cliff back to the bar and heads towards the Inner South Docks, where Fix was known to be located. 

Upon arriving at the Inner South Docks, the squad finds and stakeouts the warehouse/shipbuilding where Fix is holed up. After getting bored sitting around doing nothing, the band stealthily enters the building, and Marwyn engages Fix in a finger-waggling conversation. She learns that Fix has been tasked by Erasmus, one of Tarkus’ ministers, to create a suit of magical power armor. Marywn and Vincent convince Fix to put a flaw into the armor to let anybody who knows the phrase “shiny golem” power the suit down. 

Leaving Fix to finish her work, the party returns to the bar, tentatively named the Drunken Phoenix after a slight fireball incident indoors. 

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