These are the officially posted bounties at Bluecoat bounty boards. There's probably a bunch of other bounties, but these are some notable ones.

Name Reward
Information leading to the capture of any

Old Blood Nobility

Wyx 5000gp
Reid Dunham 250gp
Kirstina Tilatova 300gp
Skinner Mack 1500gp
The Goblin Hai 3000gp
Rust Monsters 1gp/head
Thaum, Mad Baron of the Lost District 10,000gp
Any agent of Vrint, with proof of their allegiance 2,000gp
Any member of the "Grey Merchants" criminal organization, with proof 2,000gp
Any member of the Dissident Faction called "Stormguard", AKA "BARNACLE GANG" 3,000gp each

Known info on the Stormguard[edit | edit source]

The bounty boards also feature text descriptions of the following:

  • Dhalia Thoravine (Tiefling form and human form)
  • Howell Yago
  • Jorin Helmborn (Old body and new body)
  • Marwyn
  • Oli Branchlight
  • Ray (With mask)
  • Rosalyn Veredian
  • Valter
  • Newt
  • Gug
  • Rosie Burnam

The descriptions add that their known hideouts have included the Dancing Owlbear tavern and the Drunken Phoenix Tavern.

Members of the Stormguard are extremely dangerous and should not be confronted, only reported to the authorities. Their victims have included Government Officials, Protectorate officers, merchants, and children. They are known for killing the wealthy before stealing their money and other possessions. They consort with known criminals. They have escaped protectorate custody before.

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