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Commissar Tarkus is the dictator at the head of the Dominion, and absolute ruler of Stormgate.

Before the coup that brought him to power, Hector Tarkus was a high-ranking general in the military of the Twin Kings. He was a cunning and effective leader, and he earned the military's respect by defending Stormgate in the Pirate Wars of 6775-6777. Tarkus did more to hold Stormgate together than the Twin Kings ever saw fit to do.

Hector Tarkus is now 65 years old. He has tanned skin, steel grey hair, and blue-grey eyes. He wears an immaculate uniform bedecked with medals of office and other ornamentation, and a sweeping military cloak over his shoulders. He is usually seen leaning on a black cane with a silver head.

Tarkus is always accompanied by his hound, a war dog named Gutter.

Last Seen: Epilogue

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