After a set number of jobs, your crew will level up. Whenever this happens, you can choose an upgrade from this list.

This list of upgrades is not exhaustive. If there is something else you would like of equivalent value, ask the DM.

By default, your crew has a simple base in a tier 1 district. This is a simple meeting place, and doesn't have any intrinsic features.

Boat house: You have a boat, a dock on a waterway, and a small shack to store boating supplies. A second upgrade improves the boat with armor and more cargo capacity.

Carriage house: You have a carriage, two goats to pull it, and a stable. A second upgrade improves the carriage with armor and larger, swifter horses. 

Cohort: A cohort is a smaller gang or a single expert NPC who works for your crew. This cohort’s specialization is up to you.

District Tier Upgrade: You switch bases to one in a better district. You can move to a district with a tier one higher than your previous one (you keep the upgrades you’ve made to your old base). However, you cannot move to a tier 4 district without approval from Stormgate’s Government.

Hidden Base: Your base has a secret location and is disguised to hide it from view. 

Informant Network: You establish a network of eyes and ears in the city. If given a day to gather info, you can make history, religion, or other checks to know things going on in Stormgate with advantage. Given a week, most information will be given to you automatically.

Living Quarters: Your base includes living quarters for the crew. Without this upgrade, each PC sleeps elsewhere, and is vulnerable when they do so. 

Public Storm Shelter: You build a Storm Shelter that’s available for public use. This earns the favor of local urchins and homeless, and possibly other people that are caught out during a Storm.

Secure Base: Your base has locks, alarms, and traps to thwart intruders. A second upgrade improves the defenses to include arcane measures. 

Training: When you choose the training upgrade, pick one skill. Members of your crew have proficiency in that skill. This upgrade can only be chosen up to twice. 

Vault: Your lair has a secure vault, increasing your storage capacity for loot.

Workshop: Your lair has a workshop appointed with tools for tinkering and alchemy, as well as a small library of books, documents, and maps. You may accomplish long-term projects with these assets without leaving your lair.  

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