District Tier Map of Stormgate

The districts of Stormgate each have a tier according to their wealth and quality of life. Generally, the higher the tier, the higher the amount of Bluecoats.

Tier 0: Desperate

These Districts have extremely poor living conditions. They are either slums or completely uninhabitable. People living in this tier include urchins, beggars, and unsuccessful thieves.

Tier 1: Shabby

Housing in this tier is modest, consisting of tenements and compact apartments. The streets are unsafe, but this is where the majority of Stormgate's citizens make their home.

Tier 2: Comfortable

This tier features larger apartments and individual houses. The streets are kept relatively clear. This tier is most frequently populated by merchants, skilled tradespeople, and military officers.

Tier 3: Fine

Districts of this tier feature large homes, often staffed with servants. This is often where successful merchants that haven't worked their way into aristocratic society live.

Tier 4: Opulent

These districts are full of Manor houses, castles, and mansions. This is where the new Noble class makes their home, alongside the top members of the government and merchant leaders. People cannot live in tier 4 districts without the government's approval.

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