Exandria was once a great and powerful civilization that spanned the entire Northeast Wing.

The Exandrian Empire conquered their surrounding civilizations and spread the language of common. Before the Exandrian conquest, the surrounding cultures had their own languages, many of which are lost today. Over time, the Exandrian Empire began to stagger under its own weight, but it remained in power for several hundred years. In the year 6018, the city of Exandria was struck with a calamity of ambiguous nature. The Exandrian leadership at the top of the empire was extinguished, and with them the great empire fell. A scattered collection of city-states has established footholds in the regions of the Northeast Wing, but lack clear borders. The people of the Northeast Wing are now forming more indepentant identities and governments, forming a new world in the shattered pieces of the old.

There are a variety of theories surrounding the fall itself, the event that destroyed the Exandrian capital. Many believe it was divine judgement, the gods smiting down the Exandrians for their hubris. Others believe it was the dark forces that Exandrian mages meddled with finally escaping their control. The truth is not widely known.

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