The Fey have made several appearances in Stormgate.

The Sidhe[edit | edit source]

According to books owned by Edmund Flimp (an author that lives in Oldtown), the fey range from mischievous woodland spirits to entities of extraordinary power and danger. The highest order of fey are called the Sidhe (pronounced shee because Ireland). The Sidhe are divided into the Summer and Winter courts, which are locked in everlasting opposition.

The Winter Court is ruled by Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness. The Summer Court is ruled by Titania, the Summer Queen. These two are twin sisters. Long ago, they were both married to another archfey known as the Alder King.

Favors[edit | edit source]

Fey are known for offering deals and bargains. You should be very careful with your words when speaking to a fey, in case what you say is taken as acceptance of a deal. When actually making a deal, the exact phrasing is even more crucial. Some fey are more generous than others, but often a fey will do everything it can to follow the exact letter of the agreement while avoiding the spirit of it.

Cold Iron[edit | edit source]

Fey have a particular aversion to cold iron. Cold iron is difficult to work with, because by nature it is iron that has not been heated. The Stormguard encountered Feyward Trees made of cold iron, and took leaves and branches made of it.

The Feywild[edit | edit source]

The fey are native to a plane called the Feywild. In particular, Sarissa has taken members of the Stormguard to a fey city there called Dawnfall. In order to travel to the Feywild, you first have to move through a place called the In-Between. This is a dark place with forking paths of carved stone surrounded by branches and roots. It's easy to become lost in the In-Between, since the paths don't follow traditional spacial logic.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Fey beings that have appeared in the Stormgate Campaign so far include:

  • Bloody Jane
  • The Fiddler
  • Grimalkin, the eight legged cat

"Mortals are creatures of low magic and high logic. Fey are just the opposite, they are chaotic creatures of high magic and low logic."

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