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The Gods of Azra are the Dawn War pantheon, a published group of deities made for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. This includes:

Avandra, change/luck

Bahamut, justice/nobility

Corellon, magic/arts

Erathis, civilization/tech

Ioun, knowledge

Kord, strength/storms

Melora, wilderness/sea

Moradin, creation

Pelor, sun/agriculture

The Raven Queen, death

Sehanine, moon

Asmodeus, tyranny

Bane, war/conquest

Gruumsh, destruction

Lolth, spiders/lies

Tharizdun, madness

Tiamat, greed  & vengeance

Torog, underdark

Vecna, evil secrets

Zehir, darkness/poison

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