"We know everyone, we overhear everything, and we can smuggle a thing or two."

— Vince (May 9, 6804)

The Gondoliers are a faction of Stormgate's underbelly. They run the canals of Stormgate and ferry people through the city.

Not everyone knows that the Gondoliers that traffic Stormgate's canals are more than they seem. between the amount these innocuous boatmen overhear and the many things Stormans dump into the city's waterways, this group is a valuable ally to have. They work as information brokers, messengers, and smugglers.

The Gondolier's turf includes areas in Lockport, and the canals of Stormgate. This includes not only the main canals, but also the subterranean waterways of the Drainworks.

Members[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

May 9, 6804: Vince promises us a favor. (Favor grabbed by Ray.)

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