The flag of Hammerhall

The Dwarven stronghold of Hammerhall is as old as it is deep. The city stretches deep into the heart of a mountain, where miners dig up rare metals and jewels. This is the center of dwarven civilization, where one can pay their respects to thousands of ancient lords and families.

Hammerhall is also home to a huge prison, where society sends some of its most dangerous and traitorous individuals. This prison includes a section called the Sallow Pits, a series of mines that unearths rare and valuable metals and gemstones.

Hammerhall was conquered by the Dominion in the year 6800. It is lead by a figurehead thane named Thane Delkin Stoneheart I. Delkin is well known for his martial prowess, but has no cunning or subtlety when it comes to leadership. Thane Delkin has sworn fealty to Commissar Tarkus.

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