"What is your favorite color?" — Marwyn Gandalc

Description and Background[edit | edit source]

Marwyn is a tabaxi. She's normally somewhat slouched, but when she stands straight she's 5'5" and weighs 127lb. She has deep blue eyes that are usually wide with curiosity and her coat is gray, with white and black markings, like a snow leopard. She normally wears dark colors in shades of purple (or lavender) so that she can blend in, and has a giant lavender cape that she likes to swirl when she's not in a dangerous situation.

Marwyn is part of a rather large family of tabaxi rogues that are scattered throughout non-Stormgate locations. She’s based herself in Stormgate partially because the political situation intrigues her, partially because no one else in her family is here yet. She’s been here two to four years (her sense of time is not exact when it comes to her own life), trying to gather as much information about the city as possible.

Personal Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Journey back to the Gilded Claw tavern and find out why the barkeep is missing an ear.
  • Rescue Rosalyn from the Steel Predator.
  • Find out why Howell is white-haired. Also perhaps rescue him from Thaum.
  • Find out why Wyx's shadow lags behind her movements.
  • Learn more about the provenance of the moon touched rapier.
  • Find out what Jorin did in the navy.
  • Buy many candles for my sleeping quarters. (I must give credit to Mynx the forger)
  • Find the home of Darren Motley and explain to him he should not culturally appropriate my people. Potentially kill him.
  • Establish how many cults there are in Stormgate and eliminate them.
  • Go find out more about the Lost District.
  • Track down Vera Silaas' son Calder and save him.
  • Potentially rescue Howell.

How people react to uncomfortable situations[edit | edit source]

Sample size: 5

  • Roz, touching back of neck. Some element of fear, shock, and generalization of the situation.
  • Me. People keep scaring me and I jump (count 2). I dislike being scared. I should perhaps apologize to Roz. I also jumped when the skull scarabs came out of that body that I cut down during the flesh monster quest. I believe that I jump when I am afraid. This seems to be normal for me.
  • Vincent threatens to fireball me when I pick him up. This seems excessively aggressive.

What I think about other people[edit | edit source]

Name Favorite Color Meeting Time and Place What I think
Howell Somewhat gullible. Incredibly gullible. A poor soul that was turned to stone.
Vincent Does not seem to know the meaning of stealth.
Ralph Everson purple 7/14/6804. Drunken Phoenix. He brought a note. He is kind of a-scared of me but he seems fine.
Newt lavender and gray 7/14/6804. He came with us to the Lost District. A person with many secrets. He is intriguing. Most people are intriguing, but he is most intriguing.
Ray ice blue Somewhere in a dream. He is very inspiring, and notices things other people wouldn't.
Pieter black 7/23/6804. Our new base. Rather crazy. I like his blue wig. He knows how to stealth.
Two dockhands Purple and fugue. I believe he meant fuchsia. 7/25/6804, Stormball They are confused by my question. Why are people confused by this question?
Finn Sein orange 7/25/6804. Stormball
Bernard Vlosk brown 7/25/6804. Stormball
Telly Temple blue. same shade as herself. How unoriginal. 7/25/6804. Stormball Dark blue tiefling, who seems to think my question is stupid. A curious creature, but who is unfortunately prevented from asking questions.
Coach "The Owlbear" green 7/25/6804. Stormball 7' Goliath that has run to fat. He will have to watch out or he will die.
Gregory McConnor purple 7/25/6804. Stormball Human.
Erasmus the Guard brown 7/25/6804. Stormball He is retiring and does not have money for his mother. I left him 100 gold. Regardless, the man should retire. He is utterly incompetent at perceiving threats.
Danetha cinnamon 7/29/6804.Pieter buying a wig. A relatively nice shopkeeper. Makes wigs. This will be interesting to remember.
Kallorek red 7/29/6804. Squishy like a spider. Not very phased by a lot of things.

Developments[edit | edit source]

In the fight against the Philosopher, Marwyn was affected. After taking down the flesh monster, Marwyn requested that Oli cast Greater Restoration on her, and was able to remove the effect.

After taking down the flesh monster, Marwyn purchased a bracer of flying daggers and a cordist's duel, which she tied to her shortbow.

Marwyn was the last person to see Howell unpetrified in the Crimson Tower.

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