Stormgate's Ministers are high ranking government officials that have important roles in the Commissar's stratocracy. According to Wyx, removing them is an important step to dismantling Tarkus's regime.

Most of Stormgate's ministers are public figures, and are relatively well known to the city. They are:

Talia Salt, Minister of Coin[edit | edit source]

Talia Salt was responsible for Stormgate's mints, treasury, and economy. She was a female human of stocky build. She was also the head of the Bountiful Venture Trading Company, a mercantile corporation that ships goods to and from the Northeast Wing. As the Stormguard discovered in session 21, she was also a member of the Cult of the Writhing Philosopher. This is a cult dedicated to an undead aboleth-like-creature called Eldwrin.

Talia Salt was assassinated by the Stormguard in session 22, despite the best efforts of her bodyguard Kurt Blackridge.

Minister Zant

Errylhain Zant, Minister of Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Minister Zant is responsible for Stormgate's secret police, spies, and assassins. He is a slender male dark elf with a bald head. Rumors say that he was exiled from drow society in the Underdark for his snooping, which is why the tips of his pointed ears were cut off.

Harrod, Minister of the Fleet[edit | edit source]

Harrod is responsible for Stormgate's Naval defenses, and dealing with the pirate lords of the Ardent Ocean. He is a burly half-orc with a grey beard and a wooden leg.

Ironstaff Erasmus

Ironstaff Erasmus, Minister of the Arcane[edit | edit source]

Erasmus is the leader of the Bluecloaks, and is responsible for Stormgate's arcane defenses. Less is publicly known about Erasmus, but he is believed to be a human male with serious burn scars.

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