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Played by Alex Rosenthal (mostly in one-shots when someone else is running the game)

Newt is a changeling wizard, and an intern of the Stormguard.

Newt has attended the Arcanum in Stormgate from a young age. There he specialized in Conjuration magic, including arcane fabrication, teleportation, and the summoning of extraplanar entities.

Newt grew somewhat frustrated at the arcanum, because the advanced conjuration tomes were locked away in the restricted section of the library. Thanks to his changeling nature, Newt was able to manifest a second personality named Criminal Brian, who had the ability to pick locks. Newt broke into the restricted section of the library, and found advanced conjuration tomes that dealt with less tasteful beings. Armed with his newly stolen spellbooks, Newt learned how to summon demons.

Now, Newt has graduated from the Arcanum at the tender age of 19. He's looking for valuable work experience on his path to becoming an accomplished adventurer. After hearing about the Stormguard from the gondoliers (who rejected his application), Newt sent them his resume and hoped for the best. They seem to have taken pity on him, and let him join their organization as an intern. Newt is so proud.


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