The Flag of Oathstone

Oathstone is a city-state on the west edge of the Northeast Wing.

Oathstone is a city of cathedrals and temples, and the center of religious life in the Northeast Wing. It is a common destination of pilgrimage, and a popular place for the dead to be interred.

10 years ago, Oathstone underwent a revolution that toppled the High Orthodoxy. The common people seized power, led by a dwarven woman named Brunhilda Embermane and a strike team aboard an airship named the Disunity. Brunhilda reluctantly took leadership of a new nation. She is now known as Saint Brunhilda of the Earthen Fist, on account of her stone arm.

The remnants of the High Orthodoxy and their paramilitary organization called the Children of the Dawn fled from the city of Oathstone. They have since found refuge in the Temple District in Stormgate, which grew to accommodate those fleeing the revolution.

Before the Revolution, the High Orthodoxy of Oathstone consisted of:

  • Andryan the Lightblooded, Arbiter of War
  • Dorian Ignis, Arbiter of the Forge
  • Omen Blackfingers, Arbiter of the Word
  • Talia Salt, Arbiter of the Coin
  • Vicante Severard, Arbiter of the Inquisition
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