Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pieter is a 6’2” half-elf with shoulder-length black hair kept back in a loose ponytail covering his ears. He wears long black leather coat, with a white linen shirt underneath. His trousers are black cotton, and he wears calf-high boots. On his head he wears a large hat with a big-ass feather stuck into the top. 

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pieter is a 36 year old half-elf who was raised as a pirate on the Ardent Sea. He is moderately infamous in certain circles for capturing and looting merchant ships and generally annoying the Dominion Navy.

He was captain of Tyman's Last Gasp until it's unfortunate wrecking by a combined effort of Dominion warships and a storm. Washed ashore on a piece of wreckage, Pieter wandered to Stormgate, drawn on by the potential to steal a ship and return to the open sea.

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