By Falters

We've all heard of them. The Stormguard has been on every bounty board in Stormgate for months now. They were making a name for themselves in this city even before they were on the Commissar's most wanted list. The official story is that they are a group of heartless mercenaries. Child killing merchant hunters that will stoop to any low for the right amount of gold. The Fairweathers and the Swints aren't around to testify, but the government insists that civilians and soldiers alike have been slaughtered by the Stormguard.

In my research, I've heard different accounts. 

They're quiet, but they are out there. People in this city that the Stormguard have helped. The Commissar's oppression has kept their testimonies to a whisper, but you can find them if you know where to look. The Renegade does its research, dear reader. 

I spoke to a family of people that will remain nameless about their interactions with the Stormguard, and from what I heard, the story is complicated. Lets call them John and Jane.

"They burned down our shop. That wasn't a great first impression," says John. "But they grew on us."

"They saved our daughter's life!" Jane interrupts. "Don't talk about the shop! They paid us back for that… Eventually..."

Different accounts have similar narratives. It seems that the Stormguard, though they may be destructive, have their share of good deeds as well. I've heard stories of monsters killed, missing people investigated, diseases wiped away, and more. They Stormguard usually demands a price, but at times like these that isn't unforgivable. Evading the Commissar's eyes these days isn't cheap, I would know.

I won't pretend that the Stormguard are all saints, by any means. From what I hear they have their share of dirt on their hands. Word is, they've done jobs for some unsavory people in high places. They also did nothing against the Commissar until they were outlaws. From what I hear from the Dissidents of Stormgate, the Stormguard is less dedicated to the cause of the revolution, and more adopting it out of circumstance. 

But dammit, we need people like the Stormguard.

I recently decided that I had to meet members of the Stormguard for myself. I used my contacts to put the word out: I had a job that suited their skills. When the day finally came that they graced the Renegade with their presence, I wasn't sure what to make of them. They seemed relatively professional, though some of the things they talked about bordered on troubling. In the end, they helped me. I believe they will help me again.

They may be motivated by money. They may cause collateral damage. They may have skeletons in their closet and blood on their hands. But I believe, at the end of the day, that the Stormguard are a force for good.

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