Stormguard looting and finance rules. - by Giggs

Rules Regarding Gold[edit | edit source]

It gets divvied up equally amongst those present by default. Interparty swaps and recalculations based on contribution to the mission are informal and not at all required in any scenario. Each party member is entitled to their share of the gold, with possible exception regarding being revived, emphasis possible.

Rules Regarding Things Converted to Gold[edit | edit source]

Gems, jewelry, silverware, trinkets, armor, weapons, etc. that have no inherent magical value are assumed to simply be gold equal to its value (DM Fiat). If a party member wishes to take an item for some utilitarian purpose (ie, boy do I want that plate armor) treat it like any other looted item, and not as part of gold. If the item is just flavor, count it as part of the gold share they receive.

Rules Regarding Magical Items[edit | edit source]

First-Come First-Serve Priority Queue[edit | edit source]

If you get to it first you get it. If you don’t you don’t. If someone has gotten a magical item and there is a member present who has not, the member who has not has first dibs. If this applies to multiple members, FC-FS applies to dibs-order. Final blow may or may not apply.

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

If it ties into your backstory you get first dibs overriding everything else. If it was awarded to you specifically, you get dibs over everything else. Let’s be adults here, no one should get Howell’s magic stabby stick of stabbing before he does.

Magic Items That Are Unclaimed[edit | edit source]

It’s open fricken season lads. God Speed.

The Communal Fund[edit | edit source]

The communal fund is an absolutely, positively, voluntary endeavor. Its primary purpose is to fund revival, the purchasing of health potions, and any goal the group as a whole has. Nothing, whether gold, gold-equivalent items, or magical items can be compelled to be placed here. Not to be used for memes, but can be used to un-fuck up for buff the party (example: get Howell some fucking Armor so he and Ray don’t die).

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