Sarissa, Duchess of the North Wind, is an archfey of the Winter Court that has taken interest in a few members of the Stormguard.

Sarissa takes the appearance of a beautiful, pale-skinned woman with angular features. She has a mass of long white hair that is woven into intricate braids that cascade down her backs. She wears a flowing light blue gown, but is notably barefoot.

Sarissa first appeared in Jorin's backstory. She spent two and a half years training him after he went blind, and now tells him he owes her two and a half favors in return.

Like many fey, Sarissa is known to make deals. She will offer help in return for ambiguous favors to be redeemed at a later time. So far she has called in one favor from Jorin, when she asked him to kill the Fiddler. The resulting mayhem led to the deaths of 13 innocent people, the party becoming wanted fugitives, and Jorin's temporary death.

Be careful when making deals with fey.

Current Favors Owed:

  • Total: 1

"She seems nice."

-Jack the Dagger

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