Stormball is a peculiar sport played only in Stormgate.

The game is played between either two single players, or two teams of three. Stormball courts are built on the end of large stone structures that funnel in wind from storms. The game is similar to racquetball, but instead of hitting the ball against a wall it is into the wind. The players also have to stay on their feet while playing in gale-force winds.

When the game was invented it was played outdoors, in the storm itself. This practice was eventually changed because this made it difficult to watch and deadly for the players.

The ten teams of the Stormgate Stormball Professional League (SSPL) include:

  • The Stonestown Seagulls (Beth & Newt's favorite)
  • The Oldtown Owlbears (Tristram's favorite)
  • The East Village Leviathans (Theodoros's favorite)
  • The Hellfire Angels (Dhalia's favorite, based in the Ironworks)
  • The Lurking Krakens (Ray's favorite, based in the South Docks)
  • The Doors (Banned team, Howell's favorite)
  • Some other teams
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