Tan Elariel is the capital city of the elves, found in the center of a forest called the Veil.

The Veil is always filled with a shifting fog that elven civilization reveres for its preservational effects. While within this mist, elves never age or die of natural causes. Elves that live in the outside world often make pilgrimage to the Veil to restore themselves somewhat in the fog, but any elf that leaves the Veil will have a lifespan of around 700 years. This has endowed those native to the Veil with a timeless perspective that many outsiders have come to resent.

Tan Elariel is a city built on top of a lake, with flowing wooden architecture that seamlessly blends with the natural world. The city is governed by the Verdant Council, a group that decides (given enough time) the best actions for elven civilization to take.

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