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Stormgate is a large city that is divided by a large canal leading into the Stillwater bay. It is the capital of the Dominion, a growing nation that encompasses most of the north.

Stormgate is built with a notable sort of architecture, where one side of each building has curved walls. This trend is because of a unique phenomenon of the city, where once every 5 days a violent storm will crash in from the Ardent Sea. Every dock worker has a different tale as to why, but this happens every 5 days without fail. The locals have taken advantage of the storms, creating many wind powered devices to accomplish simple tasks like grinding flour or heating water.


It is very dangerous to be outside during a storm. Belltowers across the city ring in warning half an hour before the beginning of every storm, and there are emergency shelters in most neighborhoods where people can wait the weather out. Most storms take about an hour to pass.

Stormgate is also home to the Arcanum, a large arcane university that further the developments of magic in an attempt to understand the fabric of reality itself.

Ten years ago, Stormgate was the seat of power for the Twin Kingdoms, a binarchy that controlled the surrounding area. The kings, Tyman Varius and Cyrus Andrion, were deposed and executed by Stormgate's current ruler, Commissar Hector Tarkus.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Stormgate's Main Street is 14 miles from one end to the other. Stormgate itself has a square mileage of 135.6 miles.

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