The Crimson Deluge was the martial coup in Stormgate, led by Commissar Hector Tarkus in 6795. The name particularly refers to the systematic execution of the City's noble class.

The coup began during the events of the Oathstone Revolution. When the High Orthodoxy of Oathstone was unseated, the Twin Kings of Stormgate announced they would marshal a military force to go put the rebellion down. This decision was met with outrage from Stormgate's citizens and military for a couple reasons. The lower class of Stormgate viewed the Oathstone Revolution as a triumph for the oppressed common people, and sided with the revolutionaries. The Military had spent the last century and a half in a cold war with the High Orthodoxy after the events of the Caster's War in the mid 6600's. Stormgate's patriots and populous both saw the fall of the Orthodoxy as a good thing, and opposed military intervention.

As all of this was happening, Superior General Hector Tarkus took advantage of the unrest to make a bid for power. Tarkus was a charismatic leader that had spent more time face-to-face with Stormgate's military than the Twin Kings ever had. He marched his loyal forces to seize the Bifold Keep, and incited riots from Stormgate's commoners to assault the Noble's Quarter.

Once Tarkus had taken control of the city, he began the systematic execution of Stormgate's noble class. Tarkus began with the Twin Kings, and saw to their execution personally. A roaring crowd of onlookers watched as he beheaded both the Twin Kings with a single stroke of his greatsword. For five days straight, Tarkus had noblemen beheaded in a square now known as Headsman's Plaza. The killings began at the end of one storm, and finished shortly before the next.

Any noblemen that weren't aligned with Tarkus and the military were dragged from their homes and killed. Their belongings were seized by the Dominion and their estates were sold to the highest bidders. New nobility took their place, most frequently merchant lords that had the wealth to secure new positions of political power.

It is rumored that one of the children of the Twin Kings escaped through a secret passage in the Bifold Keep, no one has heard from them since...

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