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Theodoros Darius Khorshid is an ambassador from the faraway Empire of Khorashahr, a member of Khorashahr's ruling family, and a cleric of Mahurazda. 

Description[edit | edit source]

Theodoros Darius Khorshid is a 51 year half-elf, standing at 6'1" and 195 pounds. His half-elven ears are hidden under a somewhat unruly mop of dirty blonde hair, and a pitiful attempt at a large beard sits on his lower face.

His priestly vestments, the only clothes that he wears, consist of a red robe adorned with the holy symbol of the church of Mahurazda combined with the imperial sigil to denote his lineage and rank. Not-so-carefully hidden under the voluminious robe is a suit of scale mail.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born and raised in the far-flung land of Khorashahr, little is known about Theodoros or the land he hails from. What is known is that he was sent by Shahanshah Arsites I of Khorashahr in late 6803 to establish diplomatic and religious ties with the Dominion.

Theodoros, like all Khorashahri, worships Mahurazda, god of light, justice, and creation. In Khorashahri tradion, Pelor revealed himself as Mahurazda to the lamassu Papsukal, who was the vizier for the man who would become Cambyscis I, first Shahanshah of Khorashahr. Some of Mahurazda's tenents include saving the suffering, righting injustices, and unifying society against the influences of darkness and chaos. 

Since traveling to Stormgate, he has been seen commingling with both the movers and shakers of society, as well as the unwashed masses. His streetside sermons praising the Commissar and calling for the strengthening and expansion of the Dominion have earned him the acceptance of the government, and his sermons calling for the uplifting of the dregs of society have earned him respect from the everyday Storman. 

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