Description[edit | edit source]

Valter strikes an imposing figure at 6'7" and 234 lbs. His black hair kept relatively short and a little ragged, probably cut with his own dagger. The grey/green skin of his face is marred by a long, poorly healed white scar that runs from his half ruined left ear down to his jaw. He has orange eyes, and his tusks make the smirk he often wears look just a little bit threatening.

When working, he wears a heavy scale mail cuirass. A simple but finely crafted long sword sits on his waist next to a wicked looking curved dagger. He carries a small pack full of the various odds and ends useful in his trade, as well as a shield and longbow slung across his back.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Valter grew up an orphan on the streets. His earliest memory is of being beaten and stolen from by a gang of older street children. He learned quickly how to survive on his own...

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