Vincent Mango[edit | edit source]

Vincent Mango, ex-Arcanum professor, is a kobold wizard of the Evocation school.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vincent is a burnt-orange kobold of taller height, standing at a solid 3 feet tall. His attire consists of dark purple robes, a gigantic(for a kobold) floppy black wizard hat, and the sickest pair of sunglasses ever seen in Stormgate. Under his robes he keeps his itty bitty little wings hidden. His eyes are brown.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Hatched 23 years ago to a tribe of kobolds in the western Ashen Sierra, the kobold to eventually name himself Vincent Mango was unfortunate enough to hatch with a set of vestigial wings. A pariah within the tribe, the young kobold took solace in the only member of the tribe who would give him the time of day: his older brother Tukluk. Some tragic shit happens that I'll write about later and retcon multiple times because I keep getting distracted, and this boy came to Stormgate knowing some magic. He entered the Arcanum and moved up the ladder to professorhood. He lost his position when he "accidentally" murdered a goblin wizard student. He now roams the streets looking for an organization to make use of his particular talents.

Works by Professor Mango[edit | edit source]

Professor Vincent Mango is the author of many influential books in multiple fields, including "The Practical Applications of Magical Artillery in the Quelling of Riots", "The Practical Applications of Magical Artillery in Guerrilla Warfare", and "Magical Artillery and the Culinary Arts".

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