The Flag of Vrint

Vrint is another nation to the south of the Dominion.

Known for their technological innovation, Vrint was a city state of industry and banking. Vrint was the origin of Coil Industries, a successful clockwork technology manufacturer lead by gnome industrialist and tinkerer Leovold von Coil. Coil Industries was responsible for the invention and manufacture of the first airships in 6794.

Current extent of the Vrintish Hegemony

In 6796, the government of Vrint transitioned from a bureaucracy to a hegemony, lead by Leovold von Coil. This transition was quiet and peaceful, as the old bureaucratic council elected Coil to power. Hegemon Leovold allied Vrint strongly with the Dominion, and sells military technology to the Commissar.

About 5 years ago, the Vrintish Hegemony declared war on their neighbor Spanbarrow, and led a suprise attack spearheaded by a squadron of airships. After firebombing Spanbarrow nearly to cinders, Vrint took over the remains and claimed the city for themselves.

Vrint is also the origin city of a criminal organization known as the Grey Merchants.

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